My name is Nicole Fabian and I am a certified and practicing Special Education Teacher. My calling, from the age of 11, has been to work with children. 20 years later I have learned that trusting and working with my intuition has helped me navigate the most challenging circumstances. I would like to offer my expertise and intuition to help families, teachers and individuals find peace and healing in their homes, in the school setting, and/or within their careers.


Intuition Readings are a gift that I am just recently beginning to share. I am able to connect with Spirit and offer insight to help others heal and connect to their intuition as well. These readings are for those that are seeking to connect on a spiritual level to help them navigate through their everyday life. Readings have helped my clients connect with past loved ones, find guidance on how to improve their relationships, careers, and wellness.  


As an Education/Family Consultant I understand the importance of creating an environment at school and in the home to ensure children have the foundation they need, to help them find success. I would like to offer my expertise, in helping your family function to the best of its ability and ensure that your child/children see success in the school and at home. 


Mentoring Teachers has been a passion of mine. I have had the privilege of hosting a number of student teachers and mentoring new teachers in my career. I always love these experiences because I am able to stay fresh and up to date on current pedagogical strategies. I also get to share my expertise as an seasoned educator and prepare new teachers to be successful in their own classrooms. In my career, I would have benefited from an expert outside of my building to allow me to be transparent with the difficulties I was facing in my career. Please allow me to hold a safe place for you to share your struggles and concerns and let me provide you with strategies and tools to help you overcome and find success and joy in your chosen profession.

If you are looking for academic support for your child and need tutoring, you can find that here as well. I specialize in English, Social Studies, Health, Living Environment, and Earth Science, I can help children Pre-K-12 but have the most experience with students grades 9-12.