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Additional Services

To book Intuitive Readings, Consults and more 

Group Readings

Gather your friends and loved ones to connect with your intuition and your loved ones. We will begin with a group reading for the collective, those in the room, the extension of ourselves, our loved ones, living and departed, the greater collective, our community, state, country, and world. What does the Universe want to tell us?  We will pull a card and a crystal to help support our time together. After the group reading time will be allowed for guest to meet with me individually. I will pull a card, give a quick 5–10-minute reading, and you will leave with a message from your guides and a crystal picked just for you. If you feel you would like a longer reading you can sign up online for a 1:1 Intuitive Reading at  For more information, pricing, and to book a group reading please email me at

Intuitive Business Consult

Want to ensure your business is a success? Allow me to tap into the variety of things that impact your business.  

We can work together to guide your decisions and create an environment that helps your business BOOM!  

We will look at location, the energy of the building or office, your logo and website, the people you have working with you.  This will be a top-down intuitive assessment of what is working and what can help you see more success with your business.  For more information, pricing, and to book an appointment please email me at 

Sober Support

Sober Curious? Wondering about your relationship with alcohol or drugs. I understand that a 12-step program doesn’t work for everyone, and I also know that participating in one changed my life for the better. I worked the program in its entirety, but I also figured out what was for me and what wasn’t for me. Let me hold a confidential space for you to discuss your relationship with substances, and help you access resources, and guide you down a path that works for specifically for you.  For more information, pricing, and to book an appointment please email me at 

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