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"So, a few weeks ago when Nicole asked if she could do a reading, I didn't hesitate to say "absolutely"! Nicole's aura shines as she delivers messages of positivity, faith, and hope. Her reading evoked a few tears simply because Nicole expressed the emotions and thoughts that I have (unwarranted guilt, unexplained fears, etc.) yet have never told another human. The reading gave my typically anxious self a feeling of peace that is difficult to quantify.


I feel that Nicole is someone I was meant to meet, and I'm so grateful I get to call her a friend.

-Liz, Rochester 

"Mrs. Fabian is a teacher with high integrity and sincere purpose. She cares about our students and has their best interest at heart. She treats all students with kindness and respect. Mrs. Fabian goes above and beyond for all students. I feel she makes a difference in the students she works with and reaches out to. She also motivates and empowers the students that she works with!"
-Youth Advocate
Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection
“ I just finished a session with Nicole and I want everyone to know how amazing she is. She is wisdom and honesty - she shares the raw, authentic truth with you in a way that is so full of love that the message and what she has to share lands in this spot that clicks. I have had Intuition sessions with her, I’ve had an Akashic Records session with her and her ability to see so clearly what’s there and what is to be offered to me has me feel so comforted and settled in myself. It has me lean into trusting myself more and knowing the path forward. I feel supported with her guidance and wisdom. Nicole is a very generous, loving soul that I am so happy to have met and had the opportunity to spend time with and learn from. I would highly recommend working with Nicole if you are looking for guidance and support on your life’s journey, she has this beautiful way of pulling out my inner wisdom in a way that hadn’t occurred to me, working with her is very empowering and uplifting."
-Amy Hogan, Toronto
"Mrs. Fabian is a caring and dedicated teacher. She does a phenomenal job using a variety of instructional methods to meet the individual needs of each student. She is very patient and is able to connect with students to help ease their frustrations. Her creativity and sense of humor help to engage the students in the tutoring sessions. Our students look forward to working with Mrs. Fabien and have developed a strong rapport with her. She is an outstanding teacher and it is a real pleasure to work with her.

-Audrey Toeper

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